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#RecoveryRecommendations: Recovery Listens

Recovery Listens

September is Recovery Month! To celebrate we’re kicking off the month with a series of #RecoveryRecommendations posts featuring helpful resources and information to support you along your recovery journey.

Each post this week will feature different types of recommendations, and today we’re looking at some great things to listen to in recovery. Enjoy and happy listening!

The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean M., a sober woman dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding alcoholism. It’s a relatable podcast for any woman in recovery, and she also has a blog called UnPickled.


Joe & Charlie Step Series

Joe and Charlie help make the steps come to life and share bits of history that aren’t necessarily known if you’re just attending meetings. Access to the podcast can be found on (more on this below).


Sermon on the Mount: A Key to Freedom and Self-Mastery
by Emmett Fox

This book was used by the original AA fellowship, before the Big Book was written. The audio series is great for study groups, and Jack Boland is an alcoholic and Unity Minister and his interpretation is very accessible and amazing.

This is an unofficial AA podcast featuring speaker meetings. Their tagline is “A meeting in a podcast.” They also have a number of Joe & Charlie Step Series podcasts, as well as other great listens.


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