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Apps for Wellness


Are you looking for something to keep you on track with your wellness goals, or just some extra support to achieve them?

Mobile applications can be a great way to help you remember to take time for your wellness each day and to celebrate your accomplishments.

We’ve compiled a list of some recommended apps for meditation, journaling, financial awareness and physical wellness. Let us know what apps you use!

Apps for Meditation

  • Insight Timer: Thousands of guided meditations that you can choose from based on intention, time, mood etc. Includes many different meditation types from all sorts of teachers including Buddhist mindfulness, walking meditations and Metta meditations.
  • Calm: An app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. Includes guided meditations, sleep stories (bedtime stories for adults and children) and relaxing music and soundscapes (e.g., ocean waves, heavy rain etc.).
  • Headspace: Headspace is an app that teaches you how to meditate, it’s “meditation made simple.” Headspace has mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, goal tracking and a sleep tracker for better sleep.

Apps for Journaling

  • Jour: A mindful, interactive, guided journaling app. Offers a step-by-step approach to different journaling topics such as combatting anxiety, sleep, addressing conflict, becoming aware of emotions etc.
  • Reflectly: A journaling app that uses positive psychology and cognitive-behaviour therapy techniques to build a habit of positivity into your life.
  • Sanvello: A wellness app that uses cognitive-behaviour therapy techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Comes with daily mood tracking, guided activities (e.g., muscle relaxation, deep breathing), journaling, goal-setting and healthy habit tracking.


Apps for Financial Awareness

  • Mint: An app that allows you to create a budget, track spending and connect your credit and bank accounts and monthly bills. Also gives a free credit score, can give you reminders about bill payments and gives you specific advice based on your spending.
  • YNAB (You Need A Budget): a budgeting app that allows you to pay debt, set goals, and gives your dollars “jobs”. *free trial for 30 days


Apps for Physical Wellness

  • Yoga Studio: An app with videos to help you learn yoga, videos of different yoga classes and guided meditations. Perfect for beginners or advanced yogis!
  • Strong: An app to help record your strength workouts (e.g., weightlifting). Built in exercises with video instructions, allows you to track, plan and log your workouts.
  • Strava: an app that allows you to track your run, walk or ride. Some features include: setting goals, a map of where you went, your pace, your time etc. and allows you to connect with other friends who also use Strava.
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