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Avalon Recovery Society

Sharing our Gifts with SHE RECOVERS

December’s topic for our SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles is “Sharing our Gifts."

She Recovers Sharing our Gifts

Written by Kim Westlake

We all have special gifts to share in this world. Not the reciprocal kind but the altruistic kind we give to others without expectation of return. But what happens when we lose touch with our inner gifts?

In 1957 a group of monks were relocating a clay Buddha statue in Thailand. One monk noticed a crack in the clay statue with a gold light shining through. Further investigation revealed the statue was made of solid gold hidden beneath layers of clay.

Historians believe that several hundred years earlier the monks had covered the Buddha with clay to protect it from attack by the Burmese army.

When we’ve experienced trauma in our lives, it’s human nature to build layers of protection over our inner gold to guard against future attacks. Our experiences, thoughts, emotions and external influences contribute to more layers of clay until potentially, we lose touch with our inner gifts. Our inner gifts are always present within us.

How do we begin the journey of chipping the layers of clay? We can begin a process of total self-care that includes looking after our physical, emotional, spiritual and soul well-being. We can begin to get curious, loosen our clay and take action to reconnect with our inner gifts so we may share them with others.


Join us this Saturday at the SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles Sea to Sky Group at Avalon Women's Centre North Shore and Avalon Women's Centre White Rock where we will begin to explore our inner gifts together.

All women are welcome - whether or not you identify with the “recovery” or not - we are all recovering from something at times in our lives and we recover stronger together. Please register via the link below, drop-ins welcome.

Times & Location:

Saturday, December 14, 10:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at Avalon Women's Centre North Shore

Saturday, December 14, 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Avalon Women's Centre White Rock

SHE RECOVERS Coach Kim Westlake

Kim Westlake is a Certified Life & Recovery Coach and SHE RECOVERS Coach and facilitates the monthly circles. 

Each month at our SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles Sea to Sky Group we focus on a different topic that supports building recovery capital and resilience in our lives.

For more information or to join us, please visit Sea to Sky Coaching or contact Kim at

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