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Avalon Recovery Society

Jennifer’s Story

Community Foundations support childcare

Just one year ago, 22-year-old Jennifer* was pregnant, struggling with addiction and living on the street.


She was referred to Avalon Recovery Society, where she found the support she needed from women of all ages. Here, she could connect with other young moms who understood her and her struggles.

When Baby B was born, Avalon could provide Jennifer with free childcare so she could continue attending meetings.

Today, Jennifer comes to her local Avalon Women’s Centre nearly every day with Baby B in tow. They are both well-dressed, with clean blankets and supplies. She is a warm and loving mother who is patient and calm.

In just a few short months, Jennifer has become an integral part of the Centre and has blossomed into a confident and sociable young woman.

Avalon was a beacon of hope for Jennifer and her child. Now, with a bright future ahead for both, Jennifer has begun leading peer support meetings and being a source of support for others.

She has also brought in other expectant moms for support and referrals, helping continue the magic of Avalon and change lives in the way that Avalon has changed hers.


*Name has been changed
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