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How to have a great teleconference meeting


We’re all adjusting to “the new normal” right now as COVID-19 changes almost every aspect of our lives.

We are so proud of our community and the way so many have embraced virtual meetings, and wanted to put together a guide so your meeting can be just as productive and fulfilling as it usually is.

A guide to conference call etiquette during the COVID-19 closure

1) Be on time

Be on time

Whenever someone joins a call, an announcement is automatically made. If you’re joining late and someone is in the middle of speaking, this can be quite disruptive. We have allotted 15 minutes before the meeting starts for participants to join the call, so make sure you are joining ahead of the scheduled meeting start time.

2) Come prepared

Make sure you have everything you need before you join the call. Make yourself a cup of tea, grab your readings or books and get cozy.

3) Mute your phone when not speaking

Mute your phone

If you’re not sharing, make sure you mute your phone immediately after you join the call. This minimizes disruptive background noise for everyone. You can mute yourself by pressing the mute button on your phone or by pressing *6. Don’t forget to unmute when it’s your time to share!

4) Let the chairperson chair the meeting

Ever heard the saying about too many cooks in the kitchen? Well, it’s the same with chairpeople on a call.

For every call there is only one chairperson, and it is everyone’s responsibility to respect that and let them play their role. If you have a comment or something you would like to share with the chairperson, please wait and connect privately after the call.

5) Try not to leave the meeting or drop the call while someone is speaking

Leave the call

When you leave the call it triggers an automatic exit announcement, similar to when someone joins a call. If someone is speaking when you leave the meeting, this can be very disruptive.

Try to make sure that you are in a place with good reception so you don’t accidentally drop the call, and if you do need to leave please wait until the person sharing is finished.

Thank you to everyone who is adapting with us as we develop these new systems to support our amazing community! If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Centre Manager.

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