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Meet a Volunteer: Karen Reecke

Avalon volunteer Karen Reecke at a kangaroo farm in Kelowna
Avalon volunteer Karen Reecke at a kangaroo farm in Kelowna

"Avalon has done a lot for me," says Vancouver volunteer Karen Reecke.


Karen has been part of the Avalon community in Vancouver for the last six years, and started volunteering to help out around the Avalon Women’s Centre four years ago.

When Karen was ready to volunteer, she approached Avalon Centre Manager Michelle Swan and asked how she could be of help.

“Michelle told me that the bathrooms and kitchens needed cleaning. I chose bathroom cleaning as it seemed the ‘most objectionable’ and I thought she might not get any other volunteers who would want to do that.”

Since then, Karen has helped keep the bathrooms and many other areas of Avalon spotless and running smoothly. She is always ready to lend a hand if there are dishes to be put away or tasks to be done around the Centre.

As well as supporting the running of the Centre, Karen also helps lead the Step 11 Guided Meditation sessions. Since the lockdown started, these meditation sessions have moved to our teleconference line and have increased to daily sessions. Karen has volunteered her time to lead these meditations four days a week.

For Karen, the best part about volunteering is being able to give back. “Avalon has done a lot for me,” she says.

An active member of her community, Karen also helps clean city catch basins and picks up garbage around her neighbourhood. She also serves as her local Block Watch Co-Captain. Karen is also a keen animal lover who regularly volunteers with the dog program at the BCSPCA.

We are so grateful to Karen and all the amazing volunteers who keep our Avalon community strong!

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