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Avalon Recovery Society

Meet a Volunteer: Carol Gannon

Carol Gannon

For the last 15 years, Carol Gannon has been an active and enthusiastic volunteer at Avalon Women’s Centre Vancouver.


After arriving in Vancouver from Toronto, a friend directed Carol towards Avalon. She “felt so connected there” and knew she wanted to be a part of this warm and welcoming community.

Around the same time, Centre Manager Michelle Swan was looking for someone to look after the Sunday AA meeting. Carol’s home group in Toronto used to meet on Sundays, so this seemed like a natural fit. Carol volunteered to support the group and has been doing it ever since.

As well as keeping the Sunday meeting running, Carol has helped to monitor the phone lines and support anyone who calls in, as well as helping at events, stuffing envelopes and anything else that needed to be done at the Centre.

For Carol, it’s so important to be able to give back. “I’m not going to keep my sobriety unless I give back to the community that got me sober in the first place. We have to work to stay sober.”

Carol also knows how important Avalon is for so many women. “It’s a great place, a much-needed place.”

“It’s so nice to have a place for women to say things that they can’t say in a mixed meeting,” she says. “We have to have a place where it’s comfortable.”

Without volunteers like Carol, Avalon wouldn’t be able to provide vital support to women in recovery. We are so grateful to Carol and the many volunteers who help Avalon change lives every day.

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