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Avalon Recovery Society

Meet a Volunteer: Valerie

A message from the board

Valerie has been a vital and valued volunteer at the Vancouver’s Avalon Womens center since 2012.

She has been an integral part of the community by lending a hand in any way she can.

For Valerie, Avalon Women’s Centre is a calm, quiet place where she can spend time and be with friends.

She started noticing things that needed to be done and stepped up to support the Centre.

Valerie helps to pick up food and supplies, decorates the Centre for festive occasions and helps out with many of the events that take place at Avalon Women’s Centre Vancouver. She also supports 12-step meetings by acting as chair and helps out with many administrative tasks, ensuring that Avalon’s systems and processes run smoothly.

Valerie says that the best part of volunteering is “feeling like I am a part of our community and being of service to others.”

“It’s a place I can always go and see friendly faces and have honest heartfelt connections with the women of Avalon. “I always feel good when I visit the Center!”

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