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Avalon Recovery Society

“When I began my recovery, I had no idea just how important Avalon would become.”

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JR has been clean and sober since 2008. But like so many others, her road to recovery has not been an easy path.

Before coming to Avalon, she had very few connections with other women or friends to rely on. She attended peer support meetings, but only sporadically.

When her son was two, her partner left and she found herself as a single parent, alone and grieving the loss of her relationship. She knew that her recovery was on the line.

“I no longer had the luxury of attending meetings whenever I wanted. That is when my journey at Avalon really began.”

JR began attending regular noon meetings at Avalon because they were able to offer free childcare and a clothing closet, which provided years of clothing for her young son.

“When I began my recovery, I had no idea just how important Avalon would become,” she said.

“There were some days I would show up, say nothing and just hand my child over to the loving care of the women and I would be able to attend a meeting and stay sober for that day.”

Soon, she started meeting other women and forming friendships with others in recovery and with children the same age as her son. These friendships have endured for both JR and her son, giving them a strong support network in their community.

For Christmas, JR and her family were chosen to receive a Christmas hamper donation.

“I can’t tell you how much this meant to me,” said JR. “I didn’t have to purchase one gift for my children and my groceries were covered for well over a month,” she said.

But what touched her the most that Christmas was the bag of gifts for her, already wrapped and ready to put under the tree.

“I would not have had gifts to open on Christmas morning had it not been for this loving gesture and each little package was so thoughtful and useful.”

Avalon is so proud to support moms in recovery by offering support, childcare, donations and vital connections so they can live a life free from addiction. Thank you to all the mothers in our community for being the amazing, strong and resilient superheroes you are!

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Avalon!

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