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Avalon begins planning for gradual re-opening

Avalon re-opening miss you

We welcome yesterday’s news that the Government of B.C. is moving towards Phase 3 of the provincial re-opening plan! This means that Avalon can begin the process of planning how we can safely and gradually re-open our doors.

Our biggest piece of guidance in this process will be the results collected from our Future of Avalon survey earlier this month (see results below). Here we gained valuable information from 106 members of our community on what you have found useful, what you need to feel safe and what you want to continue into Avalon’s future. We are so grateful to everyone who took the time to complete this and gave us these insights.

As we move towards re-opening, please know that we will not be returning to Avalon as we know it. This will be our “new normal” and will come with limits on attendance, requirements around contact tracing and other important sanitary measures.

This new reality will be less comfortable than the old one, and it may not suit everyone’s needs. We are doing as much as we can to accommodate as many people as possible, but we ask our wonderful community for the love, patience and kindness that makes Avalon the incredible place it is.

In the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry: “be kind, be calm and be safe.”

Results from the Future of Avalon Survey June 2020

Question 1: Which Avalon services have you been accessing since we closed our Avalon Women's Centres on March 19?

Question 1 graph

Virtual meetings: 69%

Telephone drop-in support: 20%

Virtual support from staff: 13%

One-to-one virtual counselling: 4%

Online workshops: 9%

None: 24%

Other: 6%

Question 2: Which services would you like to see continue after Avalon re-opens?

Question 2 graph

Virtual meetings: 70%

Telephone drop-in support: 33%

Virtual support from staff: 31%

One-to-one virtual counselling: 31%

Online workshops: 38%

Other: 6%

Question 3: How do you feel about attending an in-person meeting at an Avalon Women's Centre when we re-open?

Question 3 graph

I would be comfortable attending an in-person meeting when Avalon re-opens: 23%

I would be comfortable attending an in-person meeting if sanitary and social distancing measures were put in place: 54%

I wouldn't be comfortable attending an in-person meeting at an Avalon Centre anytime over the next few months: 13%

I wouldn't be comfortable attending an in-person meeting at an Avalon Centre and I will be unable to return until the threat of COVID-19 has passed: 10%

Question 4: What precautions would you like to see put in place before returning to an Avalon Women's Centre?

Question 4 graph

Face masks worn in the Centre: 53%

Limits to the number of people in the Centre at one time: 71%

Cleaning after every meeting: 74%

Mandatory hand sanitizing station at entrance: 85%

None: 3%

Other: 13%

Question 5: How have you been staying connected with your Avalon community?

Question 5 graph

Through virtual meetings: 64%

Through social media: 28%

By phone: 53%

I have not been staying connected: 18%

Other: 13%

Question 6: What other resources could Avalon provide to help you feel connected and supported?

Question 6 graph

Links to other community resources: 31%

Inspiring and empowering messages on social media: 21%

Blog posts with recovery help and advice: 21%

Live chat feature on website that connects to staff member or volunteer: 14%

Meetings that take place outdoors: 65%

Private Facebook groups for women of Avalon: 26%

Other: 14%

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