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6 sobriety apps to check out in 2020

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Having access to reliable treatment and a support group is essential for successful sobriety.

While we’re unable to connect in person as much as we used to, addiction recovery apps are powerful tools to bring people the necessary support they need at their fingertips. At the click of a button, you have a plethora of resources, inspiring content and a community to give you support and help keep you accountable.

A recovery app is an affordable, accessible and connective tool to help guide your sobriety. It is by no means a replacement for recovery treatment, but rather a complement to your recovery plan. Given the current state of the world there’s no denying the need to stay connected and make mental health and addiction treatment more accessible to those in need.

Here are 6 addiction apps to support you in your recovery. All apps are free with paid options and can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

1) I am Sober

image 2- I am sober app

The I am Sober app is a highly-recommend app that keeps you motivated by giving you personalized options to track your habits and progress. Features include a sober day and milestone tracker, trigger analyzer and a withdrawal timeline to help you stay prepared during each phase in your recovery.

2) Nomo

Nomo was created by Parker, a person in recovery who wanted a resource to support his recovery. It has now taken off with support of thousands of people and has converted into what Parker calls “a community-built app.”

Nomo is known for its sobriety clocks, which let you share and keep track of milestones, bad habits and pretty much anything you want to follow. It features include everything from an encouragement wall, to accountability partner searching, to mini exercises to help you re-focus.

3) Your Sober Buddy

image 3- your sober buddy

Your Sober Buddy app has a sober tracker, daily check points, and mini personalized challenges to keep you on track in your sober journey. The app uses geofencing to track and document places near you that could trigger relapse. You have the option to send an alert to your sponsor and your sober buddies when entering a risky area.

4) Pink Cloud

image 4- Pick cloud

The Pink Cloud app connects you to support meetings across the globe. Looking for an AA, NA, CMA, or Al-Anon meeting near you? Pink Cloud can connect you with over 245,000 anonymous 12-step programs worldwide, with over 20,000 of them being online meetings.

5) 12-Step Toolkit

image 5- 12 step toolkit

The 12 Step Toolkit is designed to be the ultimate support resource to go with your 12-step program. The app is stocked full of readings and stories from the Big Book, prayers, 12-step guides and a habit tracker with green, red and yellow coding to highlight what kind of habits you may be resorting to.

6) Dry Days

image 6- Dry Days

The Dry Days app is a tool focused on helping you cut down on your drinking and revamp your relationship with alcohol. The app focuses on how to stay motivated and improve your life without alcohol by tracking how much money you’ve saved, the calories you’ve cut out and the amount of alcohol you’ve cut out. The app also offers motivational articles, a sober community and a daily journal.

Addiction recovery apps help you stay sober

2020 has altered what recovery treatment looked like for many, resulting in people being more isolated than ever before. Globally, we’re seeing death from overdoses on the rise and more and more people resorting to substances to cope with the difficulties of today’s world.

Sobriety apps offer easy access to sober support and can greatly increase people’s success in their recovery. Using a sober app can supplement your recovery plan, no matter what type of program you’re in. From the more traditional apps with 12-step program resources, to habit tracking apps, to more spiritual apps, there’s an app out there to best suit your recovery journey.

Karen Portious

Karen Pontious is a professional communicator working on her dream to be a freelance writer and editor. She is currently completing a summer placement with Avalon Recovery Society.

Her passion is intercultural relations and communication. She writes about relationships, immigration stories, gender norms, and mental health.

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