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Avalon Recovery Society

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Update on Avalon Women’s Centres

By Caitlin McBride | May 26, 2020

At Avalon Recovery Society, we take the health and safety of our community very seriously. Many women in recovery have underlying health conditions and are vulnerable to infection and illness,…

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How to break the stigma around addiction

By Caitlin McBride | May 25, 2020

Written by Karen Pontious Addiction has been given a label based on widespread misinformation and judgments. The resulting stigma causes us to wrongfully make assumptions about ourselves and those who…

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Note to Self Workshop: Spiritual self-care

By Caitlin McBride | May 19, 2020

Written by Mercedes Miller The second step in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity, and this theme of spirituality…

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Five steps you can take towards emotional sobriety

By Caitlin McBride | May 12, 2020

Written by Mercedes Miller   As you’re moving through recovery, you might find yourself facing the negative emotions that you used to numb with alcohol or drugs. This new challenge…

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“When I began my recovery, I had no idea just how important Avalon would become.”

By Caitlin McBride | May 8, 2020

JR has been clean and sober since 2008. But like so many others, her road to recovery has not been an easy path. Before coming to Avalon, she had very…

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How to manage anxiety during COVID-19

By Caitlin McBride | May 6, 2020

Written by Karen Pontious As many Canadians enter week eight of social distancing, half of them say their mental health and finances have worsened. The highest number of affected Canadians…

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Thank you TELUS and TELUS Friendly Future Foundation!

By Caitlin McBride | April 30, 2020

We are so incredibly grateful to TELUS and the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation for all their support of Avalon Recovery Society during this difficult time. When we needed to close…

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Understanding your recovery sweet tooth

By Caitlin McBride | April 29, 2020

Written by Mercedes Miller   Sometimes it’s suggested that we carry sweets around with us while we’re in recovery, and if we have a craving for a drink, then we…

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Meet a Volunteer: Valerie

By Caitlin McBride | April 24, 2020

Valerie has been a vital and valued volunteer at the Vancouver’s Avalon Womens center since 2012. She has been an integral part of the community by lending a hand in…

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Meet a Volunteer: Carol Gannon

By Caitlin McBride | April 23, 2020

For the last 15 years, Carol Gannon has been an active and enthusiastic volunteer at Avalon Women’s Centre Vancouver.   After arriving in Vancouver from Toronto, a friend directed Carol…

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Meet a Volunteer: Jennie Marsh

By Caitlin McBride | April 22, 2020

Jennie Marsh has been an integral part of Avalon Women’s Centre North Shore since we opened the doors in 1997. She was one of the first women who took part…

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Meet a Volunteer: Karen Reecke

By Caitlin McBride | April 20, 2020

Avalon volunteer and animal lover Karen Reecke at a kangaroo farm in Kelowna “Avalon has done a lot for me,” says Vancouver volunteer Karen Reecke.   Karen has been part…

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