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Debunking Some Myths of Therapy

By Caitlin McBride | August 18, 2020

Written by Mercedes Miller   From movies that show therapy as lying on a couch while being asked probing questions by a stranger, to public confrontations on live TV (we’re…

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The Power of Creativity in Sobriety

By Caitlin McBride | August 12, 2020

Throughout history we’ve seen artists across the globe turn to alcohol and drugs as a type of “muse.”  There is a misconception that by being under the influence, your brain is free to venture endless…

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Thank you North Shore Community Foundation and partners!

By Caitlin McBride | August 5, 2020

We are incredibly grateful for the support of the North Shore Community Foundation! A long-time supporter of Avalon Women’s Centre North Shore, Avalon was thrilled to be named as one…

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6 sobriety apps to check out in 2020

By Caitlin McBride | August 4, 2020

Having access to reliable treatment and a support group is essential for successful sobriety. While we’re unable to connect in person as much as we used to, addiction recovery apps…

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T. Jones Group helps build foundations for recovery

By Caitlin McBride | July 28, 2020

An Avalon supporter since 2007, the T. Jones Group has changed the lives of countless women and families across the Lower Mainland through their generous support of Avalon Recovery Society.…

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Avalon Women’s Centre White Rock gets a makeover!

By Caitlin McBride | July 22, 2020

Main meeting room Thanks to the generosity of the White Rock Community, donors and hardworking volunteers, our Avalon Women’s Centre in White Rock has a fresh new look. Earlier this…

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12 COVID-friendly ways to rebuild connections this summer

By Caitlin McBride | July 22, 2020

Written by Karen Pontious Summer 2020 is among us, yet this season isn’t like the summers we’ve had in the past. COVID-19 has brought new challenges for everyone and has…

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What is a high-functioning alcoholic?

By Caitlin McBride | July 14, 2020

Written by Karen Pontious You manage to get through your nine-to-five work day. You get home to your family, finish your responsibilities at home and the first thing you do…

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Sobering up from your smartphone

By Caitlin McBride | July 8, 2020

Written by Mercedes Miller   I sit down at my laptop to start writing a blog post for Avalon. I pick an interesting topic, find some good articles to get…

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First phase of Avalon re-opening beginning July 6

By Caitlin McBride | June 29, 2020

Avalon welcomes the Government of B.C.’s recent announcement that the province will begin our gradual entry into Phase 3 of the provincial re-opening approach. In line with our update on…

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Avalon begins planning for gradual re-opening

By Caitlin McBride | June 24, 2020

We welcome yesterday’s news that the Government of B.C. is moving towards Phase 3 of the provincial re-opening plan! This means that Avalon can begin the process of planning how…

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Self-soothing behaviours

By Caitlin McBride | June 23, 2020

Written by Mercedes Miller   Yesterday, I attended a webinar led by Dr. Pat Ogden that covered the topic of delivering sensorimotor psychotherapy, a therapy that combines body awareness and…

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