Avalon Recovery Society



“Thank you Avalon for being the calm place, safe from the everyday pushing and shoving. I walk through the door and there is always a smile, a hug, or a friendly word. I take a deep breath, and I know that I am safe.”

“Tomorrow is my one month. I would not have been able to be sober this long if I had not had the stories, the support, and the wisdom of the women in this room. I am the reason I am here and they are the reason I keep coming back.”

“Thank you Avalon for being in my life, helping me out. I feel like home when I come here, I feel comfortable talking here, I feel safe, calm and relaxed.”

“Avalon, thank you so much for being a part of my recovery. I cherish every moment here, listening to others share their stories, where we are united as women trying to overcome our dependency on alcohol and/or drugs. Where there is no judgement, and where we can all express our love and gratitude for the program.”

“So happy to have a place of happiness and safety. I truly do not know what I would do without Avalon.”

“Thank you Avalon for so many years of steady joy and friendship. This place means so much to me.”