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A Friend of Recovery: Exploring Reiki

Written by Mercedes Miller   To some Reiki means a form of healing, to others it may be a new word, and to others it may seem like a bunch of baloney.   No matter where you stand on this spectrum, this article will help demystify Reiki and explain how it can have a role…

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A simple practice of loving-kindness: Metta meditation

Written by Mercedes Miller When we think of meditation, we often think of quieting our minds, sitting in silence, noticing distractions and allowing them to pass. This can be a rewarding practice, but for me it was difficult to jump into the quieting of my mind right away. I found myself getting distracted and thinking…

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When New Year’s resolutions aren’t for you

Written by Mercedes Miller New year’s resolutions, especially at the beginning of a new decade, can seem daunting and we can feel pressured to make big changes in 2020. Sometimes this pressure motivates us to make healthy growth in our lives, but other times these unrealistic resolutions can leave us feeling unsuccessful and at a…

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Creating a journaling community

Written by Mercedes Miller We are social creatures by nature and we understand that healing, self-discovery and growth do not have to be journeys that we tackle alone. Spiritual beliefs and communities that are beginning to gain popularity (e.g., meditation and mindfulness) are more individualistic practices, and are often missing the important community aspect of…

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Three reasons why staying sober feels harder during the holidays

The holiday season can be full of joy, love and connection with friends and family. But for many in recovery, the holidays can also be a difficult time filled with stress, anxiety and strains on sobriety. The first step towards avoiding relapse is an increased awareness about why you might find this time of year…

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Apps for Wellness

Are you looking for something to keep you on track with your wellness goals, or just some extra support to achieve them? Mobile applications can be a great way to help you remember to take time for your wellness each day and to celebrate your accomplishments. We’ve compiled a list of some recommended apps for…

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10 Reasons to Make September Your Month for Recovery

Written by Carrie DeJong and originally published at September is Recovery Month in Canada – it coincides with Recovery Day celebrations in September that are happening in cities across Canada. The United States also marks this month as their National Recovery Month sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The…

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#RecoveryRecommendations: Recovery Online

In our final #RecoveryRecommendations post, we are sharing some of the great recovery communities that exist online. These websites and social media groups are a great place to go to for support, resources, information and connection with others in recovery, no matter where they are in the world. Recovery Canada This closed Facebook Group is…

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#RecoveryRecommendations: Recovery Resources

Today, as part of our #RecoveryRecommendations series, we’re looking at the resources that are available in our communities for when you need a helping hand. As always, we welcome you to come drop by an Avalon Women’s Centre for a cup of tea and a chat when you need us! WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre (Women…

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#RecoveryRecommendations: Recovery Reads

Today’s #RecoveryRecommendations focus is on great books for recovery. These fantastic reads are about the steps to recovery as well as living your best life and being true to yourself. The Road Less Traveled Scott Peck Written in a voice that is timeless in its message of understanding, The Road Less Traveled helps us explore…

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