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Note to Self Workshop: Emotional Self Care

Written by Mercedes Miller If you can easily think of ways to fit physical self-care into your life, such as eating foods that make you feel good, but you struggle to think of ways to take care of your emotional wellness, you’re not alone. Despite emotions being so prevalent in our lives, we are rarely…

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Self-love and healthy relationships with SHE RECOVERS

Written by Kim Westlake Experiencing joy in giving to ourselves and others is good for us. Neuroscientist Tania Singer has discovered that compassion towards ourselves and others triggers the brain’s reward centres and pleasure networks. She believes that humans are wired for kindness. When we act from kindness, we feel aligned with our deepest human…

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Note to Self Workshop: Physical Self Care

Written by Mercedes Miller The words “self-care” used to make me think of face masks, yoga and luxurious retreats in warm places. These things often seemed unattainable, unrealistic and if I took some time to do a face mask, it rarely left me feeling better.   Don’t get me wrong – these can all be…

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Envisioning a New Year with SHE RECOVERS

Written by Kim Westlake In 2018 I attended a clearing ceremony in Mexico led by a shamanic healer who asked us to envision everything that has happened to us up until that moment, our childhoods, life events, traumas etc., as energy (neither good or bad) filling a large bowl. Then she asked us to visualize…

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Self-care workshops coming to Avalon Women’s Centres!

One of the often-overlooked components of relapse prevention is lifestyle balance and self-care. To help with this, we are excited to announce that from January to April 2020 there will be free self-care workshops delivered at all three Avalon locations. Note to Self self-care workshops will provide an interactive education on self care, give some…

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Sharing our Gifts with SHE RECOVERS

December’s topic for our SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles is “Sharing our Gifts.” Written by Kim Westlake We all have special gifts to share in this world. Not the reciprocal kind but the altruistic kind we give to others without expectation of return. But what happens when we lose touch with our inner gifts? In 1957…

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Reclaiming Lost Dreams with SHE RECOVERS

November’s topic for our SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles is “Reclaiming Lost Dreams.” Written by Kim Westlake As I write this I’m looking out over the San Andreas mountain range and Palm Desert.  The contrast between the arid wasteland and the rich fertile vegetation symbolizes the power of reclamation. What we nurture grows. It’s no wonder…

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Cultivating Mindfulness with SHE RECOVERS

Written by Kim Westlake October’s topic for our SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles is “Cultivating Mindfulness.”   Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with a perpetual “to-do” list? Squeezing out every bit of energy you’ve got to look after others or meet demands you’ve put on yourself? Last Saturday, I hit the “screw-it” button and…

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Focusing on Financial Awareness with SHE RECOVERS

Written by Kim Westlake September’s topic for our SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circles is “Focusing on Financial Awareness.”   Imagine a metaphor for your life in perfect balance as a car with four tires and a steering wheel. Each tire represents an area of your life essential to your overall well being, like your mental, physical,…

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Developing a positive mindset with SHE RECOVERS

Written by Kim Westlake The way we talk to ourselves almost always determines how we are going to think, feel and react to external situations and events in our lives – negatively or positively. Most of us have experienced self-sabotaging thinking that has resulted in negative self-fulfilling prophecies.  So how do we shift our negative…

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