One Day at a Time Donation

Your donation to our One Day At A Time campaign, regardless of amount, will make a difference in a woman’s life.

To make a long-lasting impact, register as a monthly donor by selecting “monthly” in the form below. Our monthly donations help us save on administration costs and provide reliable funds throughout the year.

We’d like to invite you to pick one special day to sponsor Avalon and keep our doors open. It could be in honour or memory of a loved one, their sobriety day, your sobriety day, or any day at all.

Thank you for supporting Avalon Recovery Society!

NEW!  If you’re making a donation in memory, in honour, or for another occasion, we now have electronic cards that you can save and send off or print as needed.  From a PC – All you need to do is make your donation and then find the applicable card on the right hand side, click on thumbnail to download, open the PDF, save the file and then share the card with the person it’s intended for!  From a phone – Check out the thumbnails below the donation form, click on the one you want, save or screenshot and then share!