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12 COVID-friendly ways to rebuild connections this summer

Written by Karen Pontious Summer 2020 is among us, yet this season isn’t like the summers we’ve had in the past. COVID-19 has brought new challenges for everyone and has impacted people’s sobriety and the sober community. Protecting your sobriety while losing in-person connections has been an isolating experience. Even though we’ve adjusted and offered…

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Self-soothing behaviours

Written by Mercedes Miller   Yesterday, I attended a webinar led by Dr. Pat Ogden that covered the topic of delivering sensorimotor psychotherapy, a therapy that combines body awareness and body movement with cognitive therapies, in an online format. One of the major themes that I found throughout this webinar was self-soothing behaviours: tools that…

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Five steps you can take towards emotional sobriety

Written by Mercedes Miller   As you’re moving through recovery, you might find yourself facing the negative emotions that you used to numb with alcohol or drugs. This new challenge of confronting and coping with these emotions, rather than ignoring them, is referred to as emotional sobriety. Facing these feelings can be triggering, but with…

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How to manage anxiety during COVID-19

Written by Karen Pontious As many Canadians enter week eight of social distancing, half of them say their mental health and finances have worsened. The highest number of affected Canadians are  women between 18-54, who are often caring for children and parents, and may be experiencing increased stress during this time. Our everyday norms have…

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Coping tools in the midst of a pandemic: Webinar with Carrie DeJong

Written by Karen Pontious Dealing with uncertainty during a pandemic is something new and challenging for everyone, especially for people who have substance abuse patterns, are in early recovery, have a history of addiction or have mental health challenges. We’re living in times where our routines have been uprooted and these new circumstances are creating…

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Self-care during social distancing

Written by Mercedes Miller   In times like these, life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and panic. Our normal lives are uprooted, and we are asked to refrain from social gathering, something that is natural to our human nature. Stress and anxiety have direct impacts on the immune system, so it…

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A guide to self-care and connection during COVID-19

Written by Karen Pontious During times of uncertainty it’s difficult to know how to lead a normal life. As coronavirus spreads it’s recommended that we stay distant to help control the situation. This means events and big gatherings have been cancelled and we’re advised to stay home and practice “social distancing.” This not only takes…

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How to stay connected during the COVID-19 closure

Even though we must physically distance ourselves for a time, we will not be without the support of our Avalon community. We need each other more than ever right now, and we’ve put together some ways that you can continue to connect during this uncertain time. Attend your regular 12-step meeting by phone Avalon Recovery…

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