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Avalon Recovery Society

We create community for women seeking recovery from addictions,
empowering them to thrive.

At Avalon Recovery Society, we provide completely free, life-changing services to women recovering from addiction and their families. Each of our Avalon Women's Centres have safe, welcoming meeting spaces for women in recovery, free childcare, drop-in hours, resource libraries and a clothing closet.


Please click on the links below to find more information on the Avalon Women's Centres, or drop by for a tea or coffee and experience the magic of Avalon for yourself.

Each year at Avalon Women's Centres, there are:

visits to our Centres from
women and children
calls for support recieved
drop-in visits

“Avalon is an amazing place to recover. It has incredible resources, support, warmth and love. It is by far my favourite place to come.”

“Avalon has connected me to amazing women who share my struggle and have taught me how to live a better life.  By coming to Avalon, I gain strength, hope and connection.”

“Avalon is the only place where I know I am in a safe place, and have no fear.”

“Thank you Avalon for being in my life, helping me out. I feel like home when I come here, I feel comfortable talking here, I feel safe, calm, relaxed.”

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